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Erotic Role Playing Do’s and Don’ts

Okay, so what’s the deal with erotic role playing? If you’ve secretly always wanted to buy a sexy nurse outfit and play naughty patient with your partner, we fully support that! In fact, at Todd Couples Superstore in Tampa and Port Richey, we have an amazing selection of sexy outfits, accessories, and lingerie to choose from!

But there’s much more to role playing than novelty costumes. Even if you’re not the vinyl miniskirt type, erotic role playing can be an excellent way to liven up your sex life, whether you’re in a long-term relationship or keeping it casual.

Not sure where to start? Here are some basic Do’s and Don’ts to help you get frisky.



DO talk it out with your partner first

Find out what you both think sounds fun and establish boundaries you’re both comfortable with. As with any sex game, it’s important you both feel safe, so clear consent is crucial. 

And if, for example, your role playing game involves any sort of dominant/subordinate power dynamics –which can be super fun– you’ll want to establish a safe word so you can tell when someone is saying “stop” in character or when they really mean “stop”.

DON’T be afraid of feeling silly

Especially if it’s your first time. It’s totally normal for it to feel different in the beginning, and different is good. Part of the thrill is stepping out of your comfort zone.

With a little bit of practice, you’ll get past your initial stage fright. Remember, you don’t have to give an Oscar-winning performance. And if you’re getting the giggles halfway through, just embrace it!


DO try costumes and props

You can be as elaborate or simple as you like. Start small, maybe changing up your makeup or using household items to enhance your fantasy scenarios. 

Pretending to be the strict teacher? Put your hair in a tight bun or stick a pencil behind your ear. Playing strangers meeting at a cocktail bar? Bring out some of your fancy clothes you never wear.

As you find what you like, you can incorporate costumes or sex toys. Wigs are an easy way to really get in character.

Come browse our shelves at the Todd for ideas of exciting new characters and scenarios to explore.

DO let yourself find the intimacy in it

While role playing can be extremely erotic, it’s also an exercise in trust. Being vulnerable enough to bring up and play out your fantasies with your partner can be a powerful bonding exercise. 

This is true whether you find you’re both really into elaborate scenarios or if it doesn’t click but it’s still something different you tried together. 


DON’T worry if it’s ultimately not your thing

If at the end of the day pretending to be someone else doesn’t turn you on, that’s okay. Power to those who get their rocks off playing the sexy pizza delivery boy, but that won’t work for everyone. 

We’re all wired differently and as we try new things we’ll find out what turns you on and what doesn’t. Erotic role playing is just one of many different ways to enhance your sex life

If you’re still looking for new things to try with your partner, come by Todd Couples Superstore and browse our exciting selection for ideas and inspiration. 

You do you, boo!