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How Can I Last Longer During Sex

I want to last longer during sex…

As a lover, most men want to have more choice about how long they last during sex…

…Or their women want them to.

Some of this desire is based in your “provider self” , the innate part of you that seeks to provide for others. Part of it is that you truly enjoy feeling your woman in her pleasure. Another part is where your ego gets involved and you want to see yourself as a ‘good performer’. This may be where your woman is making demands of you, too.

Any resistance to learning how to last longer can also be based on not wanting to miss out on your own pleasure. Because much of what is put out there about men lasting longer is based on a man delaying or even foregoing his own desire to ‘come’, the place where most of man’s bodily pleasure is experienced. No wonder you’re not that interested…

Or perhaps you can already last a very long time, and believe you’re a great lover. But how much real, embodied pleasure are you actually feeling?

Graeme from Oztantra has found that most men experience only a very small part of their potential for sexual pleasure. He knows it is possible for a man to feel much more than he’s currently feeling in sex. A man can even have multiple orgasms just like his lover if he desires…To last longer a man doesn’t need to give up his pleasure, just his idea of where it comes from.


Credit: Photography by Deon Black