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Suction Vibrators and Why They’re Awesome

Finally we have sex toys designed specifically with the clit in mind. And at Todd Couples Superstore, we loooove these suckers!

If you have a clitoris, boy let me tell you, suction vibrators will make you orgasm like you’ve never orgasmed before. Suction vibrators, or spot vibrators, are a relatively new type of sex toy that combine air pulse suction and vibration for a unique and intense stimulation.

Up to now sex toys for women have been dominated by dildos or traditional vibrators, which are designed to mimic vaginal penetrative sex through internal stimulation, even though that’s not how most women achieve orgasm. Clit suckers focus on the external portion of the clitoris which is by far the most sensitive erogenous body part for people with clitorises. The effect? Somewhere between a sucking and a licking sensation that is sure to your toes curling in pleasure.

We often think of the clit as a small nub at the top of the vulva, but the clitoris is an organ that actually extends far inward, with glands that wrap around the vagina. What we think of as the clit is actually just the external gland.

The wrapping internal portion of the clitoris can be stimulated through the vaginal walls, as in penetrative sex, and is responsible for what people call the “g-spot”. However, the vast majority of women need direct external stimulation to achieve orgasm. The sole purpose of the clitoris is the female orgasm, so it’s about time we had sex toys entirely designed to stimulate it!

Suction vibrators typically feature a small, hollow tip that fits over the clitoris or other sensitive areas. The toy is then turned on, and air is drawn into the hollow tip, creating a gentle vacuum that pulls the clitoris inward, without any direct contact. This is particularly great for people with a super sensitive clit.

At the same time, the vibrator sends waves of vibration through the toy, adding an extra layer of stimulation. Some suction vibrators may offer different levels of intensity, while others may have different vibration patterns to choose from.

Below are some of our favorite clitoral stimulators here at the Todd.

Top Recommended Suction Vibrators

The Nightcap Suction Silicone Vibrator

It’s powerful. It’s versatile. And it’s just so freakin cute!

Reach your dream orgasm with The Nightcap’s 10 suction levels and 10 pulsation settings. The moon-shaped handle is a powerful vibrator in and of itself. Complete with its cloud-shaped magnetic charging base, this adorable toy would fit right in as room decor on your nightstand, and yet its powerful clitoral stimulations will have you seeing stars!

In stock in multiple colors at both our stores in Tampa and New Port Richey.

The Rose “Inya” Suction Vibe by NSNovelties

For Her

There’s no surprise why this little bud went viral recently! Besides being aesthetically beautiful, “The Rose” from INYA is a sensual companion that guarantees pulsating pleasure. It features advanced air technology that delivers precise and unparalleled stimulation. Also, it stands upright on its own, which is really convenient.

Crafted from safe and hygienic silicone, this toy is rechargeable and water-resistant.

A new favorite at The Todd Couples Superstore, The Rose is available in both red and pink at either one of our locations.


Designed to stimulate 75% more of your clitoris, this revolutionary new toy uses sonic waves and pulses to bring you unrivaled orgasmic pleasure. The Sona has 8 different pulsation settings so that you can find what’s best for you every time. It’s made out of a single piece of medical-grade silicone, making it silky smooth and 100% waterproof!

REVEL FAE by NS Novelties

The Revel Fae 3-in-1 features a delicious dual-purpose vibrating clit sucker top with 10 different pulsation settings as well as an insertable thrusting vibrator wand, so you can choose between clitoral or internal stimulation, depending on what you’re in the mood for! It’s made out of smooth silicone and comes with a magnetic charger.

In stock at the Todd in both teal and purple.

TULIP by Maia

This pretty pink toy is amazing if you really love suction! The Tulip by Maia has 3 different suction settings and 12 different vibration settings so you can mix and match to find your perfect combo. This toy is 100% submergible, which means we love it for the shower or hot tub. And, it comes with a wireless charger base which can also charge your phone, which is pretty cool.

While the basic function of The Tulip is similar to other clit stimulators, the longer lip at the top of the toy can really latch on and suck hard. This might be a bit much for any newbies to suction vibes, so it’s not for beginners. But if you love suction toys, The Tulip is a must have for your collection!

How To Choose The Right Suction Vibrator

With the rising popularity of suction vibes, how to pick which ones to try? That’s what our Sexperts at the Todd are here for!

Clit suckers can be great for beginners because they’re easy to use and intuitive, and because they don’t require direct contact: you place the suction cup over your clitoris and the pulsating air does all the work without touching you. It’s wild!

If you’re a beginner, start mild and work your way up to stronger sensations. As you get used to them, you may want to explore toys that combine air pulse tech with vibration or other forms of stimulation.

Suction vibrators are great for solo play, but they’re also a fantastic addition to partnered sex! Have your partner try them on your nipples or other erogenous zones during foreplay, or incorporate them into penetrative sex.

Care and Best Practices

For best results, we definitely recommend you use these vibes with plenty of water-based lubrication [link to blog about lube].

As with any sex toy, make sure you clean your suction vibrator after each use. Most spot vibes are made out of silicone, which is conveniently easy to clean. You can use either warm soapy water or a sex toy cleaner. If your toy is fully waterproof, you can submerge it in sudsy water to clean it. Be extra thorough if you used lube with your toy (which again, we totally suggest you do).

Really, anyone with a clitoris should feel lucky to be living in a time when suction vibrators exist. And they keep getting better and better! Stop by Todd Couples Superstore in Tampa or New Port Richey and talk to our knowledgeable staff to learn more about suction vibrators and how to get started.