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Best Sex Games to Spice Things Up

Whether your sex life has gotten repetitive or you’re always on the lookout for fun new ideas to bring into the bedroom, Sex Games are the perfect way to ignite the flames of desire. From foreplay ideas to warm things up, to more involved activities to turn up the heat, the best Sex Games are sure to keep you and your partner sizzling!


At Todd Couples Superstores in Tampa and Port Richey, we have a great selection of sexy card games and novelty board games, but here’s a few suggestions for games you can try just with what you already have at home!


Guess The Caress

guess the caress


This titillating game of mystery and touch is a super sensual way to kick off the night. 


Strip down to your underwear and have your partner blindfold you as you lay in bed. Now have them gently caress your body using different objects: a brush, a whisk from the kitchen, or a new dildo [link to new web page about dildos]. Get creative!


The goal is for you to guess what object your partner is using. When you’re blindfolded your other senses become heightened, making this game a total turn on.


Spank Me

bondage toys


A spank on the tush can be thrilling and fun to incorporate in your bedroom play.


First, let your partner know just how bad they’ve been (or the other way around). It’s okay to be fun or silly. Did they let the spring mix go bad in the fridge or miss a spot dusting the mantlepiece? They deserve to be disciplined for that!


Lay your partner face down on your lap, or have them stand perfectly still, while you spank them with your hand, a wooden spoon, or maybe a spanking paddle.


If you really want to let them know how bad they’ve been, try a ball gag or other playful accessories  available at the Todd.


Tie Me Up

tie me up

Tie Me Up is a natural progression from Spank Me (for when your partner has been really naughty). 


Use scarves, neckties, or bondage restraints, tie your partner up to the headboard, bed posts, or simply tie their wrists behind their back. Now you, the disciplinarian, can do your worst.


Try switching roles and see which ones you each like best. Remember to discuss a safe word ahead of time (to avoid confusing playfulness with real resistance, try a completely random word, like “teacup” or “bubblegum”).


You’d be amazed how arousing it can be to be in total control or to completely surrender to your partner!


Curious to move on to sensual bondage ropes but feeling intimidated? Stop by The Todd Couples Superstore in Tampa and New Port Richey to go over some of the options in person to find something that suits your comfort level.


The Pomodoro Method

apple timer

Named for the classic tomato-shaped kitchen timer, The Pomodoro Method is a time management technique often used to help someone meet a deadline by working in timed intervals. In this version, however, the point isn’t work but building sexual tension.


Set your timer to 15 minutes or so. During this time you can kiss, caress, and fondle anything but the genitals. Once the timer dings, reset it for 1 or 2 minutes and have at it. Ding! Re-set the timer for another 10 minutes of non-penetrative fun. 


Repeat until neither of you can take it. Trust me, you’ll both be begging for that timer to go off again.


Spell It Out For Me

woman on bed

An erotic game of word guessing.


Your partner writes out words on your body with their tongue one letter at a time and you have to guess the word they’re spelling out. Start them out writing on different parts of your naked body and have them work their way to your genitals and/or anus for oral that will make you go O-M-G!


Whether you’re looking for dedicated sex game products or for versatile accessories you can incorporate into any sexual activity, we have the right products for you at Todd Couples Superstore in Tampa and New Port Richey. Stop by today!